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Welcome to Microfiber Diaries. My name is Becky Klein, Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex. I live in central Minnesota with my husband, John, son, Greyson, and our two pugs, Willa and Macy.

A friend of mine had a Norwex party which I was unable to attend, but by the way she was raving about the products, I knew that this was worth trying. I purchased the Norwex Antibac Enviro Cloth, window cloth, and mop pads. This just so happened to be while I was pregnant with my son Greyson; and I was a nesting maniac. I remember getting the Norwex Antibac Enviro cloth, and I swear I washed every surface of our home. The place shined. I was so amazed. I used the cloths and mop for about 2 ½ years until I was invited to another party, which I was unable to attend…again. I decided that I really wanted to see these demonstrations that were so AMAZING… so I booked a party.

When I received my hostess packet in the mail, I went through the catalog and I wanted everything… really … everything. I flipped through that thing so many times-I knew it by heart. I had the party, and received $440 in free product. I was amazed. What company gives that much free product to their hostesses?

The thing is…I still wanted more.

My party was over and I continued talking about Norwex with everyone. Before I knew it I was selling the product…so I decided to become a consultant. I want to share Norwex because it’s an unbelievable product. It allows you to clean your home without the use of dangerous chemicals.

My guarantee to you is that once you eliminate all of the toxic cleaning supplies from your home and replace them with Norwex products, you will be amazed. Not only will your home be safer, you will spend less time and money cleaning.

Happy Green Cleaning
Becky Klein, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

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